About Us

inspiratori_facebook_inset_box.2Inspiratori.com (Inspiratori is Latin for Inspirational) is a family friendly website dedicated to providing you with the most positive, inspiring, and inspirational videos  from across the Internet.

We feature inspirational videos of people performing acts of kindness; beautiful and inspirational music & art;  inspiring speeches; amazing sports videos; beautiful science & nature videos;  motivational videos; and inspirational news videos.

Inspiratori was founded and is currently run by Balanced Journeys, LLC., which is husband and wife team Paul and Christina Bishop. The Bishops have two beautiful children and both have full-time jobs outside the home. They maintain Inspiratori in their spare time and derive their motivation to do so from the belief that the world we live in and the people in it are fundamentally good and that positive and inspirational events happen everyday. However, traditional media has a bias towards negative news. We believe that this creates a negative feedback loop that helps to perpetuate more negativity. We hope to make a small step in the opposite direction with Inspiratori.com by sharing inspirational videos and stories from ordinary people around the world. We hope this will contribute in a positive way to the fundamentally good world in which we live.

If you have any feedback (positive or negative) or if you have an inspirational video or story that you would like to share, please drop us a line.