Patrick Ivison’s inspiring walk at graduation

Patrick Ivison walking at his graduation

Patrick Ivison walking at his graduation


This is an inspiring story of Patrick Ivison a young man who according to ABC’s Good Morning America set out 5 years ago to meet a huge goal to walk across the stage in his own graduation. In most cases this would be a normal event, however, Patrick is paralyzed.

He was only 14 months old when a car backed over him pinning and paralyzing the young child. He and his family could have chosen to focus on his paralysis and limit his life as such. However, they responded to the contrary.

Patrick is an extremely accomplished sportsman who kayaks, skis, plays rugby, surfs and more. So it is no suprise that when he set his mind to walking at his graduation he found a way to accomplished it. He practiced 6 hours a day and he walked on his graduation day. Amazing and inspiring -Patrick Ivison. Watch the video and see him meet his goal.

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