Boy with cerebral palsy is comedic genius at Britain’s Got Talent

Jack Carroll on stage at Britain's Got Talent

Jack Carroll with his own comedy style (Click for Video)

Teenage comedian with cerebral palsy Jack Carroll had the audience rolling in the aisles from the moment he stepped onto the stage at Britain’s Got Talent on the seventh season opener.

Simon Cowell asked him what he would be doing. Jack, who relies on a walking frame to move around, responded, ” I’m a professional gymnast.”


After Jack’s routine, Judge David Williams called him a comedy genius and said, “I wasn’t as funny as you at 14, I’m not even as funny now as you are now at 14 years old. It was incredible. Every joke was a winner.”

Simon said, “I’ve got to tell you Jack, you have got one of the most refreshing attitudes. You made fun of what you’ve gone through and you made it funny, which is really, really difficult.”

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