Be More Dog!

UK Mobile phone company O2 has a great new ad that features a cat whose life was pretty boring until he decided to be more dog. Now, life is full of sticks and fun. We learn that the Latin Read more

Tornado Survivor Finds Her Dog During Live TV Interview

Miraculous stories of survival emerge after one of the strongest tornadoes in history tore through an Oklahoma suburb. An elderly woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado found her pet dog among the rubble during a live Read more

Real Life Heroes

This is a compilation of real life heroes. Some of them are selflessly risking their lives to save the lives of others. Very Read more

New Robinsons TV Advert - Thanks Dad

In one of the best advertisements this year, Robinsons, the British soft drink company, has created this one minute spot dedicated to dads. The spot features two boys playing and one is always helping the other. When you get to the Read more

Kindness compilation from Russian dash cams

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity. This is not your usual dash cam video. Instead of catching collisions, insurance fraud, or celebrity meltdowns, this delightful video catches kindness, which is likely happening more often than what Read more

Officer Saves Life of Suicidal Man at Medellin Subway

Policeman grabbing Suicidal Man at Medellin Subway as he is attempting to jump in front of train

Police Saves Life of Suicidal Man at Medellin Subway (Click for Video)

A security camera at a subway stop in Medellin, Colombia caught the amazing last second rescue of a suicidal man by a police officer.

The officer has been identified as Gustavo Chaparro and the incident occurred at Hospital Station in Medellin, which is located next to the complex of Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl.

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Crowd Sings National Anthem at Bruins game in Boston

Boston Bruins players bowing as the Star Spangled Banner is being sung

National Anthem in Boston

Very moving and powerful singing of the U.S. National Anthem from Wednesday night’s Bruins game in Boston.

It begins with Rene Rancourt singing the first two lines. Then in the middle of the third line, he stops singing as he encourages the crowd and it takes over.


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Blind Disabled Girl Sings a Breathtaking Star Spangled Banner

Blind Disabled Girl Singing Star Spangled Banner

Blind Disabled Girl Sings a Breathtaking Star Spangled Banner (Click for Video)

Watch as 16-year-old Marlana VanHoose, sings a breathtaking rendition of the U.S. National Anthem before the University of Kentucky vs Ole Miss women’s basketball game on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012.

The Johnson Central student, is blind and was born with Cytomegalovirus, according to She was visited by UK Women’s Head Coach Matthew Mitchell before the game. Read more

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Boy with cerebral palsy is comedic genius at Britain’s Got Talent

Jack Carroll on stage at Britain's Got Talent

Jack Carroll with his own comedy style (Click for Video)

Teenage comedian with cerebral palsy Jack Carroll had the audience rolling in the aisles from the moment he stepped onto the stage at Britain’s Got Talent on the seventh season opener.

Simon Cowell asked him what he would be doing. Jack, who relies on a walking frame to move around, responded, ” I’m a professional gymnast.” Read more

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Wedding message from the skies over Afghanistan

Soldier in a cockpit holding a message to his brother for his wedding.

Wedding message from the skies over Afghanistan (Click for Video)

Brandon Krivohlavy got married to the love of his life Mandy this past weekend. His brother was deployed in Afghanistan, so he surprised the bride and groom with this touching video he made while flying his harrier.

He said he hoped to share an embarrassing story, but instead tells them how great they both are and how he wished he could be there.  He finishes the video by telling them to go nuts and then does a barrel roll. Read more

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Ronan – Beat Keeping California Sea Lion

Ronan the sea lion keeping beat

Beat Keeping in a California Sea Lion (Click for Video)

This is amazing! One of the resident sea lions, Ronan, at the University of California Santa Cruz  is the first non-human mammal shown able to find and keep the beat with musical stimuli according to Peter Cook in the Department of psychology.

Ronan is seen being rewarded for bobbing her head to simple sounds like a metronome and then to more complex dance music.

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