Stevie Zee – Motivational Bodybuilder with cerebral palsy

Stevie Zee lifting weights

Stevie Zee motivational bodybuilder (Click for Video)

Watch this motivating video of Stevie Zee a bodybuilder from Portland, Oregon with cerebral palsy. Stevie started bodybuilding 15 years ago because, as he said, “I didn’t know what to do with myself.” He trains hard and has a strict diet. He competed in his first show last year and he said it was a personal achievement. Apparently, the organizers of the show agreed because they presented him with an inspiration award that they called the “Steve Zee Award.”

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2 Responses to Stevie Zee – Motivational Bodybuilder with cerebral palsy

  1. Jonathan Mahy

    My name is Jonathan Mahy I have cerebral palsy and I am registered severely visually impaired and I attend a blind college in the United Kingdom I am 20 years old and we have a radio station and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind conducting an interview with me and a couple of my associates on our radio station and telling us about your success story as you are an inspiration to many people and it would be a really good interview
    So if anybody has this guys contact information please comment below

    • Iya

      HI Jonathan,

      Hope you found his contacts, he is such an inspirational and fantastic guy. I hope you’re doing well and never give up, believe that people will always love you, cherish and be with you no matter what’s happening,

      Sending love