Be More Dog!

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Tornado Survivor Finds Her Dog During Live TV Interview

Miraculous stories of survival emerge after one of the strongest tornadoes in history tore through an Oklahoma suburb. An elderly woman whose home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado found her pet dog among the rubble during a live Read more

Real Life Heroes

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New Robinsons TV Advert - Thanks Dad

In one of the best advertisements this year, Robinsons, the British soft drink company, has created this one minute spot dedicated to dads. The spot features two boys playing and one is always helping the other. When you get to the Read more

Kindness compilation from Russian dash cams

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity. This is not your usual dash cam video. Instead of catching collisions, insurance fraud, or celebrity meltdowns, this delightful video catches kindness, which is likely happening more often than what Read more

air conditioning unit

New York man Stephen St. Bernard saves girl in 3 story fall

Stephen St. Bernard saves 7 year old girl from 3 story fall

Stephen St. Bernard saves 7 year old girl from 3 story fall


This is an amazing story of Stephen St. Bernard a kind man who catches a 7 year old autistic child who falls 3 stories. ABC’s eyewitness news reports that the young girl pushed through the accordian pieces in the side of the air conditioning unit, climbed onto the unit and began dancing. She slipped and fell three stories into the arms of Stephen St. Bernard.
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